You want to show your stylishly decorated house and beautiful actor to other users? On the community page - under "Visit & Chat" - you can find names of members who are online at that moment and visit them. But we will address this later under "Community Features". First, we'd like to show you how moove online gives you the chance to easily show emotions and moods with different actions, interactions, expressions and postures.

Interacting With Friends

  • Click on the "Actor" symbol in the menu bar, as you already know from the As you already know from the menu point "Dress Up".However, this time you click on "Interactions" and a window - we call it "showcase" - will open. Choose an interaction - of course only when someone else is in the room - e.g. "Hug". As soon as you click on "Hug", you will get to see a list of all those present in the room. Click on a name and you will hug that person. It's the same with the other interactions that are offered. 

    Hint: Right-click on the chosen person to see a list with actions, interactions and sounds from which you can choose. By clicking on "Who is this?" you can even take a look at the nick page of your partner. Take a close look at all functions: there's a lot to discover!


Whisper To Friends Without Having Other Visitors Listen In

  • Part of chatting with friends is to be able to have a conversation without others listening in. Maybe you already noticed: This is also possible in the showcase "Interactions". Click on "Whisper" to see a list with users present in the room. Choose a name to talk to that person in private. 


Letting Your Actor Perform Different Interactions

  • The "Actions" showcase can be found under the "Actor" symbol as well. Play around a bit and let your actor leap, dance, jump - anything you can think of! Impress your friends with a perfectly executed backflip!


Show Your Mood  To Those Present In The Room By Using Postures And Expressions

  • Yes, something like this is possible in moove online as well! Click on "Actor" again, and then on "Postures" or "Expressions" to open the desired showcase. Just choose a posture or expression - you will be amazed, your actor will do exactly what you want.

  • Find out that right-clicking on a symbol in a showcase, e.g. on face in "Expressions" or on a pose in Postures, allows you to edit, rename or delete the expression; that right-clicking on the background of the showcase allows you to create a container. You ask: Container? Why a container? Drag your favorite poses, expressions, actions, or interactions into the contain, so you can always access them very easily. Just give it a try!

  • The menu point "Extras" offers even more: Click on it and then on "Tools". Here you can unleash your creativity and create your own expression and postures with the respective editor. These expressions and postures will be saved in the relevant showcase under "Actor". 

  • Back up all of your postures and expressions to pass them on to your friends. Just follow the directions in the chat line.

  • All your friends have to do is copy the .zip file into their moove Roomancer folder. Clicking on posture restore and/or expression restore will add these to moove Roomancer. 
    Your friends will thank you.


Hint: Right-click on your actor - you will see that this way you can directly access many of the actions and interactions described above.



Talking To Friends That Aren't In The Same Room

  • You are in the salon and immersed in a good conversation and a visitor arrives in the kitchen - what now? Remember the sketch of all of your rooms that you can find under "House"? Click on that and the window "My House" will open. You will see the room sketch of the salon with the names of all those present in the room; the kitchen sketch shows the name of the visitor who has just arrived. Click on the loudspeaker symbol in the upper left corner of the room sketch and enter your text in the chat box below. Just ask your visitor to come to the salon or talk to them via the chat box of the room sketch, just as if you were in the same room with him.


Whisper To Friends Who Aren't In The Same Room

  • If there are a couple of visitors in the kitchen and you are in the salon but want to talk directly to a single person in the kitchen, we also have a solution for this. Open the room sketch of the kitchen, as explained. In the kitchen sketch, you only need to click on the name of the visitor you want to talk to mentally. No one will be able to hear what you are talking about.


Passing On Files And Allowing Others To Copy Them

  • You have decorated the salon with many beautiful family photos and want to give those photos to a visitor? Easy! Just drag the photo with a pressed left mouse button on your visitor and the file will be transferred to them! They can find the photo in the moove folder under "Received". If they want, they can put up the photo in their house.

    By the way: You can also allow the copying of photos and/or files in your rooms. If you do, your visitor only has to right-click on the photo or file and choose "Download". For this to work, you need to allow the copying of files, however.

    This can be done very easily via the "My House" window, which you can open by clicking on "My House" in the menu bar. As you might remember, here you will find sketches of all your rooms. In the sketch of the salon you click on the small triangle in the upper right corner to open the window "Room Properties". As you know, here you can change the properties for your salon and also allow visitors to read and copy files - as shown in the screenshot below. 


Hint: This function can also be opened by right-clicking on the floor -> "Access control" of the current room.