What Can I Find Under "Extras" In The Roomancer Tool Bar?

  • Go on an expedition and have a look at "Extras". Under "Tools" you will find the familiar editors for expressions and postures and the tools for painting your room ("Room Painter") and creating a new room ("Room Creator"). But here you can also find the functions that allow you to save("Backup") and restore ("Restore") self-created postures, expressionsand mutations. 
    "Parcel Service Monitor" is a very special showcase: it shows you the progress and "direction" of a file transfer.

  • Here you can also a find a link to the moove shop where you can download many new outfits, pieces of furniture, add-ons, styles and more for your Roomancer. Your styles will be displayed under "Extras", just click on on a style of your choice and the look of your "Roomancer" will change. 

  • Also, you will see special developer tools that are significant to advanced users.

  • A couple of very important settings for moove online can be found under "Options". Have a look at everything and don't hesitate to ask questions at our support board.


Why Can't I Be Visited In My House?

  • Your house in moove online can only be visited if your computer has its own address on the Internet and the connection is free in both directions. These direct Internet connections are available at a good ISP.

    However, there might be one or more of the following obstacles on your side:

    If you are using a firewall, you should generally open TCP ports 9793 and 9795 (incoming and outgoing connections).
    Also see http://www.moove.com/help_advanced/firewalls.htm

    Open your Internet Explorer and choose "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "LAN settings" and remove the proxy server. Some ISPs also use proxy connections. If you are having problems, please contact your ISP or try a different ISP..

    If your router supports portforwarding, it's possible that it can be configured for moove online. For more information on this see  http://www.moove.com/help_advanced/router.htm.

    If necessary, please talk to those who installed your Internet connection.


Why Is The Program So Slow?

  • Does your computer fulfill the system requirements for the moove software "Roomancer"?
    RAM space and Internet connection play an important role.



Why Can't I See All The Great Graphics Effects?

  • The moove software "Roomancer" also runs on computers without a 3D accelerated graphics card. If you should receive a warning telling you that your 3D hardware couldn't be initialized, the 3D hardware support will be deactivated automatically and the software rendeder will be used
    However, the "special effects" - realistic shadows, reflective surfaces and lighting effects - can only be see if the you use a 3D acceleration card.

  • If you want to re-activate the 3D hardware support, you can do this under "Extras" -> "Options" -> "Renderer" -> "DirectX 8 Rendering Engine". For this you need a DirectX 8.1 compatible 3D graphics card and the latest DirectX version from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/.


Are There Any Actors For Adults?

  • Yes! You can find a wide selection of adult actors in our shop "Over 18" on the community page. However, to access this shop, you need to confirm your age first, as described under "Community Features".


How I Use The Editor?