Got a nickname but no 3D house yet?
Just download our free 3D software right now!

moove online offers your very own, completely customizable world on your PC!

  • This world belongs solely to you and you don't have to share it with others. You alone control what happens in this world.

  • You alone decide the access rules for your 3D world - you can allow other members in or keep them out, just like you wish.

  • Your privacy will be maintained unlimitedly.

  • You can decorate your rooms with your own pictures and graphics. You can also add pieces of furniture that can be used by your actors.

  • Integrated editors allow you to change your room as much as you like. For example you can paint your rooms, add reflecting walls, change the lighting, and so much more. Explore all the possibilities!

  • Every member can create their very own 3D actors (avatars) with the unique Actor Studio. The Actor Studio has a wide range of clothing and accessories - everything you would find in your own wardrobe at home.

  • The actors' gestures and movements are completely lifelike and natural. The actors can laugh, kiss, hug, shake hands, run, jump, pull faces and execute many, many more interactions and actions.

  • Visit the free shop to download new stuff - for example new actors, fun actors, outfits, furniture, decorations, and more.

  • Members can visit each other, chat, show off their own rooms, and much more.

  • Creative members who would like to create their own decorations, outfits, and actors can download interactive tutorials and example files from the shop for free.