For our new users


I just registered my free nickname, where can I download my free 3D house?

In order to use your 3D house you need to download the free 3D software "moove Roomancer". On the left side of the community page please click either on "Get 3D home" or open this link directly and follow the steps to download and install the free 3D house.


Can I use my 3D rooms when I'm offline?

Yes, your 3D rooms (the 3D software "moove Roomancer") is not dependant on a server and is installed on your own computer, therefore your house can also be used offline.


Is the Free Membership really for free?

Yes, you can use moove online completely for free - for as long as you like. ALL registered nicknames automatically have a free Membership.


What does the Free Membership have to offer?

You have complete control of your 3D world, you can use the free shop, decorate your 3D house, create new 3D actors, make new friends, and much more - completely for free! Also, you can receive visitors in your 3D home. With the free membership you will be able to visit other members during your first online sessions. You need the Gold Membership if you want to use the visit function without restrictions. Note: The Newbie Club and Diamond Clubs can be visited at any time.


What does "Gold Membership" mean?

With the Gold Membership you can use your 3D world without restrictions: Invite visitors to your 3D home or go over to the 3D home of a buddy, list a member club, collect medals, post an announcement, marry virtually and much more.
Get your Gold Membership by clicking on "Gold Membership" on the left side of the community page.


How do I register the Gold Membership?

You register the Gold Membership very easily, just click on "Gold Membership" on the left side of the community page.


Where do I find the Terms of Service?

Just click here. Here you can find information about privacy and safety in moove online.


What do I have to do if I have a technical question, e.g. about the installation, error messages, etc.?

Please click here Support to leave your message/question.


How and where do I change my profile?

You can get to your "Profile" via the first community page, from the navigation bar to the left. 


How and where do I change my password?

You can change your password via the community page, left navigation bar -> Service & Options -> My Data -> Change password


Where do I find the shop and the shop "over18"?

You can find the Shop and the Shop over 18 on the community page in the lower left corner of the navigation bar.


What do I have to do to marry in moove online, where can I leave announcements? (Only Gold members)

If you want to publish an announcement, a scheduled event, the opening of your new club or just want to inform others about an especially helpful member:
Click here to find the right place for this.


What are the medals? 

The medals are given for prosperity, popularity, etc. Please also see for details.


For what can I use Community Dollar?

The Community $ are given for online time in the moove online; you will get them after each log out. You also can buy items and the moove online membership by using Community Dollars.


Where do I find my community account (Community Dollars)?


You can get to your community account (Community Dollars) via the first community page, from the navigation bar to the left.


What do I have to do to open the rooms of my house to all or only to those "over 18"?

Please open House Reception in the navigation bar to the left. Here you can choose if you want your room to be "open for all" or just accessible to those "over 18".


Where can I find announcements posted by other users?

Please select  Market Place in the upper menu of the community page.


Is it possible to transfer the membership to another existing account/nickname?

No, itís not possible to transfer the  membership to another nickname.


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