Housepage Help

Many members know this problem: You use many pieces of furniture, decorative items, outfits, etc. that you created yourself or downloaded from member homepages. The visitors cannot see these items if they don't have them on their computers.

This is a thing of the past!

Creating Housepage

Disabling Housepage

Creating Housepage

  • moove now gives you the chance to create your own housepage, where you can offer furniture, items, decorations and outfits for download - downloadable just as comfortably and easy as in the moove shop.

  • The following HTML source code shows how to turn your own housepage into a download page in the design of and with same functions as the moove shop.

  • This page is shown to the visitor before every visit to the club.

  • Visitors can download the items before they visit, so that they already have all necessary pieces installed for the actual visit. This way, the chat won't be interrupted by downloads and installations. Now chatting is even more fun! Visitors will already have all items and the house won't be slowed down by downloads and installations.

  • Copy the complete HTML source code in the gray box. Then you can go to the community page, open "Service&Options" in the navigation bar to the left-> "Housepage", and paste the source code into the text entry field. If you haven't used the editor yet, you should open it via the "Editor" button and then close it again. Otherwise the housepage would only contain the source code itself instead of the intended page.


<TITLE>Robbie`s Housepage - Example</TITLE>

IMG.border {border:1 black solid; cursor:hand}


confText="To download files, Roomancer\n"+
"needs to be running.\n\n"+
"Do you want to start Roomancer now?"

function InstallMPZ(sMPZ,backg)
{"xray()";           //black background of the picture

        var bInstall;

        if(RoseCommand21.IsBrowserOnAdvanced() != 0) // Roomancer running?
                bInstall = true;
                bInstall = window.confirm(confText);

                RoseCommand21.ExecuteAdvanced(99999, sMPZ, 10000); // nID, sParam, nTimeOut



<DIV align="center">

        <FONT color="red" face="Verdana" size="5pt">
        Welcome to Robbie`s Housepage!


        <FONT face="Verdana" size="2pt">
        Members should feel comfortable in my club, that`s why I have this beautiful
        arm chair in my room. I`m also wearing this pretty outfit. Please download
        both items so you can immediately see me and my room.

        <FONT face="Verdana" size="2pt" color="red">
        You should only download these pieces if this is your first visit or if
        you`re not sure whether you already have them.
        <FONT face="Verdana" size="2pt">
        To download and install automatically, just click on the pictures. As soon
        as the download is finished, visit me by clicking on "Club" in the window
        "Robbie`s Comfy Club"!

        <IMG src="">

<DIV align="center">
<HR color="black">

<OBJECT id=RoseCommand21 classid=clsid:EF8A8A22-EF05-4C7D-BC34-9BBF1DBC86F1 VIEWASTEXT></OBJECT>

<IMG src="" onclick=InstallMPZ("",this) class="border">
<IMG src="" onclick=InstallMPZ("",this) class="border">




As soon as you have tried this, your housepage will look like this.
  • Now you should use this source code as a base and change it to offer your own furniture, outfits, etc, for download on your housepage. Of course you can also change the text!

    Members who aren't familiar with HTML source code should only change the following color-coded passages in their code:
  • Text in the title bar
  • Heading
  • Main text
  • Exact Internet address (URL) to the preview pictures (furniture, items, outfits, etc.) of the MPZ files.
  • Exact Internet address (URL) to the respective MPZ files (moove package)

If you have more than two non-moove pieces of furniture, items or outfits in your room (i.e. pieces that your visitors need to download), you need to copy the IMG tags from the example, paste them underneath each other, and then change them (change preview picture URL and MPZ file address URL).

Hint: Find free webspace for pictures e.g. at dmoz or at Yahoo!.
The webspace you can use then e.g. for the preview pictures of the outfits, actors or furniture!

Disabling Housepage

To disable the housepage please click on the "Community" button -> "House reception" -> "Housepage". In the next window in the field "Content of the page" please delete the whole text and then click on "Submit".

Your housepage is disabled now, but you can enable it again everytime you want.

If you have any more questions, feel free to take a look at our editor help or to contact the moove support.

We are wishing you lots of fun with creating your own housepage!