Housepage, exclusively for premium members!

So that you can welcome your visitors without being interrupted!


Who doesn't have this problem? You're having nice visitors and what happens?
A new visitor comes in and then "everything" slows down!


Why does this happen anyway?

  • As everyone knows, privacy is extremely important to moove! All users have their own house that they can open or close to visitors as they like.

  • Everything that happens in your own house remains private!

  • No one other than the house owner can control this private house!

  • How is it possible that only the house owner can control the house? Because the moove software is installed on every user's own computer!

  • That is, all moove members install the moove software and the own house on their computer.

  • The moove server only connects the members' houses to each other - they can visit one another.

  • But now the member has many beautiful pieces of furniture, pictures, etc. in his/her room. Also, there are many visitors with interesting outfits - the files start being transferred to the new visitor's computer, so he/she can see the items/outfits.

  • So therefore, if there are five new visitors, there will be five downloads from the owner's house.

  • If the connection is slow - be it the owner's connection or the visitors' connection - the whole conversation will be slowed down or interrupted by the download.

The solution!

  • Yes, there is a solution: The housepage!

  • To prevent your chat from being interrupted by transfers of actors, pictures, furniture, etc., just offer these items for download BEFORE the visitor enters the room!

  • Make a housepage!

  • Inform your visitors even before their visit what kind of actors/outfits are needed and offer these for download.

  • Even BEFORE the visit your visitors can download all necessary files. Of course they are self-installing, just like the items in the moove shop.

  • Also offer your lovingly created old rose actors (as an MPZ file) for download!

  • Finally - new members won't see you as a red robot anymore if you're still using an old-generation-actor!

  • Make your very own housepage today - it's easy!

  • Have a look at our extensive housepage documentation.

  • Also check out how to change your "old" actors to new-generation-actors, so that you can offer them for download as well.

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