Norton Personal Firewall 2004 settings / configuration for moove online "Roomancer"

Generally you need to open in- and outgoing connections on TCP ports 9793 and 9795 as well as UDP localhost for the moove online software "Roomancer" to work with your firewall. Some firewalls do not allow you to set ports yourself, so here are some hints how to configure the most popular firewalls to work with the moove online software "Roomancer":


Norton Personal Firewall 2004

The Norton Personal Firewall 2004 is a commercial software that can be bought here (software download or mail order). A free English support can be found here.

The first time you start the moove online software "Roomancer", Norton Personal Firewall will pop up and display this window:

Choose "Permit" from "What do you want to do?". Please make sure "Always use this action" is checked and click on "OK".

Proceed the same way with the next two windows:






You now need to adjust the security settings. Select "Status & Settings" in the navigation bar and click on the "Personal Firewall" button - you will get to see this window:



Click on"Configure" to open the following window.




Change the security settings to "Medium (recommended)".


In case you chose a wrong setting, you can always change it later on by clicking on the "Program Control" button and selecting "Manual Program Control" in Norton Personal Firewall:




Select "advancedUS.exe" and choose "Permit All" under "Internet Access". Repeat the action for"_adv.exe" and "moodl.exe".


If you download things from the Shop within the community, for example, another moove program will need to access the Internet, which is responsible for downloading and importing actors, furniture etc.:


You are all set now and other moove online users should be able to visit you.

If not, the problem lies elsewhere in your connection: do not use proxy servers with the moove online software "Roomancer" (deactivate proxy servers in your Internet Explorer settings under connection). You also won't be able to receive visitors if you share your internet connection with more than one PC (deactivate ICS - Internet Connection Sharing), or if your PC is part of a larger network. Ask your system administrator to make the necessary changes.