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Features (Please click here for a comparison of the Gold Membership to the free Membership)

 Gold Membership


Special Status Via Additional Premium Package

Uploading of pictures from moove servers for the profile "Over 18" 


Signing up for business and member clubs

Forming member teams

Giving titles to team members 

Deciding which picture medal/coat of arms will be displayed on the nickpage of team members
Also see: FAQ Premium and
Team page

Offering own items for download BEFORE the visit via a special Housepage
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Extended re-naming function: Members can add
stars ** to their nicknames themselves

Automatically receiving 100 extra Community Dollars a day - sign up today and don't waste any community dollars!

Individual Homepage, clicking on the link on a nickpage will send visitors directly to the respective homepage

Picture medal on nickpage
Please note: Existing picture medals will be preserved

Premium medal on the nickpage

Renaming of nicknames
Please note: Nicknames will be preserved even after cancellation

Multi-Instant-Messaging - sending instant messages to more than one member at the same time

Uploading of pictures for the profile "Over 18" from non-moove servers

Automatic approval of uploaded pictures and texts for the nickpage
Please note: Pictures and texts must be suitable for minors

Extended community information on other members: Number of logins (Of course this information will not violate the moove Privacy Policy.)

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