This means: Keep your friends even closer!


moove offers the wonderful possibility to form a team with especially close friends, so-called double buddies.

This way, team founders - members with a special trust status - and team members can tell anyone else: We have a special connection to each other, we are bound by a special friendship.


This is indicated by medals on the nickpage and, if you wish, by a shared team picture on the nickpages of all team members. 

Team founders and team members can receive a special status within the team by being assigned a special title.


Whether mother, father, son, or daughter - you can finally form a virtual family.

Whether the team's theme is fantasy, an organization or simply the virtual neighborhood, all members can have the title they want - be it knight, king, squire, minister, apprentice, wizard, or CEO.

The list of titles is long.


Form your own virtual sports club!

Meet regularly to discuss films or just chat about everything under the sun.

Or play your very own role playing game.

Anything you want.


Imagination and creativity are unlimited - use these wonderful expansion possiblities of your personal 3D world, made possible by forming teams.

Click here to find out how to become a team member or form a team yourself

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