Selling Services and Items for Community Dollars (C$) using the automated transfer system

The automated C$ transfer function is very useful - community page to the left "Shops", click on "Sell" - just rent a party room, give dance lessons or design a coat of arms for Community Dollars

Have a look at the screenshots below:

  • enter a description of your service

  • enter the amount you want to charge for the service, in this case 100 C$

  • create a password - optional, will be needed if the party room in our example is password protected

  • you don't need to enter a download link since you offer a service




      After submitting you will get the "sales link":


  • please copy the link to your moove homepage, housepage, website or link a picture in your club room- next to the description of your service

  • if visitors click on the link and agree to buy the offered service, the amount of 100 C$ will be transfered autmatically to your moove online Community Dollar account

  • click on the "sales link" as well to check if you entered everything correctly


        Also please check your Offer list:

        And your Account list:


        Don't forget to set up your House reception:


Buying Services and Items for Community Dollars (C$) using the automated transfer system


After clicking on a "sales link" on the homepage/housepage or picture of a member, you will get to see the window below

  • just click on the "Buy" button if you are interested in renting the party room



  • the amount of 100 C$ will then be transferred automatically from your moove Community Dollar account to the other member's Community Dollar account

  • You also get the password for the party room





Your Community Dollar account will then look like this:




By the way: 3D items from the moove shop are always FREE