How to configure your Windows XP - Firewall

Configuring your Windows XP firewall is not as difficult as it may seem at the beginning. The following instructions show you the easiest way to configure the firewall for the moove online software "Roomancer" in only a few steps. It is possible to only open the necessary ports for moove online and still be protected.

In Windows click on the "Start"-Button, select "Settings", and then the "Dial-Up Connections" / "Local Area Connection". The following window will open: 

Now click on "Properties. A tab "Local Area Connection Properties" will come up; click on "Advanced". Now you will see the following window:

Activate the 'Internet Connection Firewall' checkbox and click on"Settings". You will see the following picture:

Click on "Add". The following window will open:

You will see the tab with empty text input forms. Now you can enter each separate port you want to open. In this example we have opened the first port (9793) for the moove online software "Roomancer". Confirm your entry with the "OK" button. Then click on "Add" again to open the 2nd port, e.g. 9795 (moove Roomancer).


After the configuration your tab should look something like this:

The configuration was successful! You can click on "OK" now.