Description Download
After downloading the sounds, you have to activate them.
Please click on "Extras -> Options -> Sound -> Use Sounds".
moove online "Roomancer" is an open system. There are many extensions (furniture, objects, doors, decorations, carpets, etc.) made by independent creators. In very few cases using this non-moove extensions may cause problems (e.g. missing textures, structure files, or the like). We recommend using the FurnitureCheck tool. This tool recognises bugs (errors) in the downloaded extensions and lists them in the Roomancer chat window. This way, bugs can be fixed, for example by re-installing missing textures.

To use the FurnitureCheck-Tool, please click on "Extras" -> "Tools" -> "Furniture check".
FurnitureCheck Tool
To use the AddOn-Tool, please click on "Extras" -> "Tools" -> "AddOn-Tool". addon-tools
moove Roomancer is an open system and any user can insert his/her own actors and distribute them to other members. In very rare occurences the use of a non-moove actor can render the system unusable. Therefore we recommend using the tool ActorInit before doing a complete deinstallation and re-installation of Roomancer.
The tool changes the current actor to Mark so that there will not be any problems with a corrupt actor on the next run of Roomancer.
Roomancer rooms can be decorated with furniture created by third parties. In very rare occasions a problematic piece of furniture can prevent you from entering the initial room (this is usually the last visited room before leaving the system).
In such cases the tool RoomDel allows you to reset the initial room to an empty state. To avoid losing all decorations and furniture, it is recommended to save the room by doing a room backup. Later on you can insert the saved furnishing by using Room Restore.
Roomancer is by design an open system and there are many extensions (tools, actors etc.) available from third parties.
In very rare occasions the use of non-moove extensions can make the system unusable. In such cases, before doing a fresh deinstall - install cycle, you may want to try UserDel. This tool allows you to delete a specific user (including all the rooms of this user) on your local PC.
Note: This will not affect your community account and data.