Community Features (can be found in the navigation bar to the left of the community page)

Contacting Other Members And Finding Friends

  • moove values protecting minors.
    Members "under 18" - without confirmed adulthood - cannot visit members and club rooms that are only accessible to those "over 18". Adult members can confirm their age by clicking on the "under 18" link at the top of the community page, at their own risk. Please also note the moove Terms of Service about this.

  • Via the "Visit & Chat" list in the moove online community you can quickly find other members for visiting, chatting and showing your house. Just click on the button at the top of the navigation bar to the left. The page that opens will show members that are online at that moment - picked according to the preferences you entered earlier.

  • Furthermore, the age, gender and language is displayed: You only need to click on a nickname under "member" to see different community function that allow you to contact the member: you can send an Instant Message or a Message, open the member's nickpage or visit them directly. You can also click on the house name under "House" to visit the member.

  • To visit a friend who's online, enter their nickname in the box "Visit", click on "Visit", and you're on the way to their house!

  • You'd like to know when a friend comes online? For this moove has the buddy function. You only need to add your friend's nickname to your personal buddy list.

  • To do this, follow these steps: Click on "Buddies" in the navigation bar to the left, in the following window - as show on the picture - enter the buddy's nickname under "Choose new buddy" and then click on "Add" - done! In the same window you also get to see a list of all your buddies.

  • Now you only need to keep an eye on the community page. As soon as one of your friends - we're now calling them buddies - comes online, their name will be marked with green in the navigation bar to the left. To visit your buddy, click on the name and you're on your way to their house!

Hint: You can also add someone to your buddy list via their nick page. As already described under "Chatting"->"Interacting With Friends", you only need to right-click on the other and then choose "Who is this?" Now you click on "Make Buddy" - done!


Mail, SMS, ICQ, E-Mail Account

  • Many useful community features can be found in the navigation bar to the left on the community page. Among these is the mail function. Click on "Mail" - your mail window will open. Here you can write mails and send them as moove mails within the community or additionally to the recipient's e-mail-address. You can also send the mail as a message to the recipient's ICQ number or cell phone. In these cases, the "not visible" information from the respective member will be used. This information is never shown to the sender, though, so that the numbers or e-mail-addresses won't be misused.



  • In the navigation bar to the left you will also get to see clubs, i.e. member rooms that have a specific theme. The club name is chosen based on that theme. Just click on the name to visit the club.

    Clubs "over 18" are displayed in gold, Clubs "under 18" are displayed in pink.




  • moove offers the wonderful possibility to form a team with especially close friends: Whether mother, father, son, or daughter - you can finally form a virtual family, form your own virtual sports club, meet regularly to discuss films or just chat about everything under the sun, or play your very own role playing game. All members can have the title they want - be it knight, king, squire, minister, apprentice, wizard, CEO and, and, and.
    Just click in the navigations bar to left on "Team" and follow the links.



  • The housepage will be shown to visitors before he/she enters the room! Inform your visitors even before their visit what kind of actors/outfits are needed and offer these for download. All necessary files are self-installing, just like the items in the moove shop.
    You can reach the housepage by selecting "House Reception" in the navigation bar to the left.


Edit Profile

  • If you want to update the information you entered during registration, click on the "Profile" button to make the changes. This information is displayed on your nick page.


Shop and Shop "Over 18"

  • As the name already implies: here you can download new actors, furniture and more for your house - completely for free! All downloaded files will self-install, so you won't have to do anything. To insert a newly downloaded piece into the room, you just need to click on "Room" or "Actors" -> "Others" in the menu bar. In the corresponding window, you look for the name of the actor/piece of furniture and choose it by double-clicking.


Membership Status

  • Here you can get important information about your Membership. Among other things, you can see a list of your invoices. Just have a look!


Online-Status & Logout

  • You can leave moove online by clicking on the Logout button. Alternatively, you can just close the program window. Please disconnect from the Internet only after leaving or closing the program, to make sure you are properly logged out of the community.