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moove respects and values the privacy of its members and is committed to protecting their safety.

  • Privacy Policy

    • Data Collection

      When filling in the registration you create your personal user profile. Only the specially colored fields can be publicly viewed on your profile page. All other information are not visible to other members and will be only used for Match-O-Matic. This means that these information will be used for bringing together members who share interests, postal code area, etc. Data collected by moove for the online service is stored and processed on our secure servers. moove guarantees that this data is used under strict compliance with privacy policy regulations and internal security rules.

    • Data Access

      All data given to use is treated with care and protected by moove. Only two system administrators (Mrs. Ursula Kozan, Mr. Lothar Bongartz) have access to this data. Confidential data and secret interests can only be viewed by these two administrators.

    • No Surveillance

      Due to our peer-to-peer technology (not depending on a server) we cannot, and do not intend to, monitor the communication between our members. This means that everything that happens in the rooms of our members will not be recorded or monitored by us.

    • Deletion of Data

      You can request to have your data deleted at any time. An e-mail to one of the community administrators will suffice in this case.

      Due to the strict compliance with privacy policy regulations and our internal security rules, we can guarantee the highest possible protection of your data..

  • Security

    Making your stay in our online world a secure and safe experience is our highest priority. This concern is also reflected in the quality of our client architecture:

    • Visitors do not have access to your computer. They can only see the files in your room. These files can only be copied if you have given permission to do so.

    • You have full control of your rooms. (see Privacy Policy, No. 3 “No Surveillance”)

    • All chat messages are transferred encrypted.

    • The DOORS runtime engine, the technological core of the moove software, is fully "sand boxed", i.e. only has access to the installation directory and its subdirectories. The same restrictions apply to registry access and similar systems.

    • All downloaded files are stored in the same directory as a "quarantining" measure.

    • All instructions from the community server to the client are digitally signed.

    Read on for more information about Internet technology:
    moove technology gives you great power and freedom by utilizing revolutionary peer-to-peer technology. However, you should be aware of the following consequences: If you visit another person’s house, this person may be able to determine your current Internet address (IP). Please understand that this is a feature of underlying Internet technology and is totally beyond our control: All Internet software uses the same feature. If you visit a website, for example, this site receives the same information (and even more than that, like your operating system, home country, etc.) from your browser. Our experience has shown that this information has very little security significance. However, if you want maximum security, you should consider installing a personal firewall.